We want reform.


This movement started in 2016.  Frustrated with my property tax assessment, I appealed, following the proper protocol.  In doing so, I was appalled to find that many things:  lack of transparency in Equalized Assessed Value for homes and land was one.  There was no formula to who was being taxed more or less in Sycamore.  

The other, even more eye-opening thing that I found, were the cushy hours our elected officials keep.  Many Township officials were working less than 30 hours weekly with full time pay and benefits.  In a town that relies heavily on the residential tax base as compared to businesses like many of our counterparts in Kane County (or even over in DeKalb), this didn’t seem like a good use of taxpayer dollars. 

I reached out to the other nineteen townships in DeKalb County for comparison and saw that we were paying three times more for some officials than Townships like Cortland, who has nearly the exact same number of parcels that Sycamore does.

This is the beginning.  We know that the citizens of DeKalb County are busy, and often times take paying our heavy taxes for granted.  It is our goal to provide transparency and accountability in our local government, especially when it comes to your money. 


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